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Focus your sales on Enterprise Business Products and grab a seat to win! You have until September 30TH, 2011


You have been selected to participate in this new HP Incentive.  Imagine yourself walking down the streets of New York, well YOU could actually be there. 


If you have not yet registered, please do so soon, seats are limited and opportunities are still open, for now.






How To Win?


Receive points for every $1,000 wholesales purchases in products (From July 1st, 2011 to September 30th, 2011).  Points vary according to the following chart:


Servers 1
Storage 2
Networking 2
Services 3



Products included in each category:



Proliant servers & Options (Product Lines: 4U, J3, LA, MV, SI, SY, UZ)



NAS systems, P2000, P4000, EVA upgrades, Libraries, D2D (Product Lines: 1Y, 3C, J2, LI, LK, LL, LM)



E and V series (Product Lines: I7, 6H, 1U)




All carepacks (Product lines: 06, R8, JN, 7G, UW)




Duration of Promotion: Invoiced products from July 1stthrough September 30th, 2011


Points only apply to purchases via WHOLESALERS

Does not apply to products sold as big deals (name accounts). Target market, promotions and regular orders count toward this program.

Score based on reports generated by the wholesalers sellout.

Points are accumulated by company, and each company must register up to 5 salespersons. The winner company will raffle off the prize among the salespersons registered in this program.

The winners will be the two companies with the highest score ranking throughout September 30th, 2011.


First Prize Winners will travel to NYC from October 17th through October 20th, 2011. Changes to dates will not be accepted. The winner and his/her companion, must provide evidence of a US Visa within 15 days of the previously mentioned date in order to get his/her prize.

It will be responsibility of the winning channel to make all necessary arrangements in order to obtain a U.S. visa for the selected salesperson.

For the second prize the AMEX Cheques will be sent to the channel who will then raffle them ONLY among registered salespersons.

HP reserves the right to alter, change or cancel this promotion and audit all relevant documents at any time.






Please fill in your information to participate.  You will then receive an email on how to track your ranking and  your login and password instructions. 



If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact Maria Fernanda Montano at





First Prize :


Travel, Stay and Tour, all at your hands. Show your sales efforts and travel with HP to NYC. Everything you will need to visit the city of lights will be accessible to you if you win.  So make your score a winner!


Second Prize :


Be the second highest score and you will win an AMEX Cheque for a total of $700 USD. Enough to make you a winner.








To check your current ranking, please log in with your Email and Password provided at Registration.